4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Season 1

Kim cannot find Teri, who has amnesia after the explosion and has gotten into a car with someone driving by. When she sees a restaurant that causes her to remember something, she asks the motorist to stop. Teri is recognized by the owner of the restaurant, who mentions a Dr. Parslow. Teri admits that she cannot remember what is going on, and the owner calls Dr. Parslow. Phil arrives a short time later and Teri remembers him by name. Kim calls CTU and lets Tony know that the safehouse has been hit, but she is worried about CTU's security and does not tell him where she is. She calls Rick, and she gets a taxi to go to him. She is given an icy greeting when she arrives by Rick's girlfriend, Melanie.

Jack continues prepping Elizabeth for her time with Alexis. David is not comfortable with putting Elizabeth in harm's way but she insists that she will be fine. Elizabeth is instructed to put a tracking device in Alexis' wallet. When Alexis arrives, Elizabeth is able to get the tracking device into his wallet, but when he confesses his love to her, she snaps and stabs him in the stomach before anyone watching can stop her. Mason and David are both upset with the way that the situation went down and hold Jack responsible.

Additionally, Nina reveals to Jack that Teri is aware of the affair that they had. Jack is concerned, but there is little time to consider the ramification of that. Also, Keith brings to David the tape that he was able to make of Carl confessing to the crimes he committed. David convinces Keith to give him the tape for safekeeping.

As David, Mason, and Jack angrily discuss how the situation with Elizabeth and Alexis went down, Alexis' cellphone rings. Jack answers the phone. The person instructs Jack to bring the money to a meeting spot, and that he would be wearing a red cap.


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