10:00 PM to 11:00 PM Season 1

Jack races to meet with David per the instructions that the Drazens have given. Jack is listed as a threat to David but he is willing to meet with him nevertheless. David and Patty continue their flirting, and David gives her a key to a hotel room to meet him in. When she arrives, David reveals to her that he knows she has been conspiring with Sherry, and he fires her. David confronts Sherry and asks her why she would have another woman try to seduce him. Sherry admits that she is concerned that he is not keeping her in the loop and she was trying to get information.

When Jack arrives, Victor Drazen is called, and Jack realizes that this was the scheme all along and throws the phone out of the window seconds before it explodes. Jack requests to David and Sherry that they let the media think he is dead so he can deal with the Drazens one last time, and get Kim released from them. David agrees, though Sherry is not happy with this arrangement. The Drazens agree to meet with Jack to trade his life for Kim's.

Jack heads to meet with the Drazens and speaks to Nina, and refuses to give her any information. He also talks to Teri, who tells Jack that she is pregnant. Meanwhile, Mason tells Tony and Nina that David is actually alive, and that they are attempting to use this as a strategy to catch the assassins. Kim manages to escape from the Drazens, who realize that their plan against Jack is not as effective without her. They receive a call warning them that David is still alive, and the caller is revealed as Nina, who is the mole at CTU.


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