24: Season 2 Episode 6: "1:00 PM to 2:00 PM"

Jack prepares to interrogate Nina, and Mason is a little uncomfortable with the idea of her being interrogated by him, but relents otherwises. Nina seems unwilling to cooperate with Jack, and he attacks her, prompting Mason to intervene. Nina is shaken, and Jack convinces Mason to let him finish with Nina. Jack is able to get a name from Nina, but she is unwilling to give up his location unless she is taken to the contact. Mason agrees to let Jack take her to the contact via plane, but he sends another agent with them. Jack manages to drug the other agent, which causes Nina great concern.

David is concerned that the ambassador's helicopter crash was caused by someone in the US government, and he orders an investigation to discover the truth behind it. David is visited by his ex-wife, Sherry, who informs him that she has been told that the military has been ordered to evacuate LA. He does not beliver her, but Lynne informs David that that military personnel are being evacuated from the area under Roger Stanton's orders. Roger defends his actions in that he says he thought David had ordered the evacuation. David realizes the Sherry likely has information that can be helpful, and he calls a meeting with her. She tells him that there are members of his administration who are trying to undermind his authority, and that she is willing to help him.

Reza is being questioned by Tony, who refuses his request for a lawyer. Kate tries to help Marie understand why she was suspicious of Reza. Reza's parents arrive and Kate has to explain to them that their son is being held by CTU. Reza finally tells Tony that Bob Warner is the one who had the dealings with Ali, and Tony calls Bob back for questioning.

Kim and Miguel see Gary has arrived at the hospital and is talking to a doctor at Megan's room. Gary realizes that the doctors suspect that Megan has been abused and he tries to get her out of the hospital as soon as possible. Kim and Miguel try to get Megan out of the hospital to protect her from her father, but he catches them as they are trying to leave. Miguel is forced to knock out Gary and they are able to escape.


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