24: Season 2 Episode 2: "9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Jack is taken to where Wald's gang is known to be, and is briefed on who is there. He recognizes one of them, Eddie, as someone he had known previously when he was undercover. Eddie suspects Jack as the reason that Wald had gone to jail, but Jack makes it clear that it was Goren who was the one who turned over the evidence, and showed him the head that he had cut off after killing him. Jack is brought in to another room with Dave, who is not quite sure what to think of Jack. He checks out Jack's cover story of being in jail, and Michelle, Tony, and Paula at CTU are just able to upload Jack's criminal record in time. Jack gets invited to pull a job with them, which is revealed to be to destroy CTU.

Kim is encouraged by Carla to take Megan and run because Gary is abusive, and when they are attempting to leave, Gary tries to stop them. He gets the tracking device on the car activated to track them after they manage to break away. He pursues them and manages to catch up, and they have to abandon the car. Kim attempts to call 911 and is forced to hit Gary with a tire iron.

Kate continues to be suspicious of Reza, and attempts to get his wallet and other passport information to see where he had traveled in order to get this information to her private detective. She is almost caught by Reza, but manages to play it down as part of the craziness of the wedding day.

David and Lynne discuss the best way to deal with the perceived nuclear threat that faces L.A. Question are being asked by the media why David's fishing trip was cut short, so he addresses them informally. However, a reporter named Ron Wieland is still suspicious, so David offers Ron a private sitdown. In doing so, Ron even more so suspects that there is something big that is going on. David decides to call in Armus, who is introduced as a member of the Secret Service, to detain Ron.


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