5:00 AM to 6:00 AM Season 1

Janet remains in critical condition, but it seems as though she will live. Jack arrives at the hospital and questions Teri and Alan about what happened. Teri gets upset with Jack for being abrupt with Alan. Alan tells Jack that he can question Janet after he talks to her. During this time, Gaines calls Jack and tells him that he can see him, and that he needs to leave the hospital right away and go back to CTU. Alan goes to talk to Janet and it is revealed that he is not her father, and "Alan" suffocates Janet. Nina calls Teri looking for Jack, and tells Teri that the body that had been discovered was the body of Alan York, which terrifies her.

Kim and Rick dig a grave for Dan's body. Kim and Rick bond over discussing their families. Rick opens up to Kim and tells her that he is sorry that things had turned out the way they had. Kim tries to convince Rick that they both needed to escape before Gaines kills them both.

David gets upset with Sherry because she had adviced Keith to get help from Carl after the death of the man who raped their daughter. Sherry defends her actions, saying that she simply was looking out for David's career. David calls his chief of staff, Mike Novick, for advice on how to handle the situation and the fact that the story would go public soon. Mike's advice is to release the story first, and to have his family with him as he does, so he can have he opportunity to put the facts out first.


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