'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' recap

This week's episode is all about living your dreams and believing in unicorns and whatnot. You can do whatever you want, provided you have enough money and enough notoriety that comes from acting like a first-rate a-hole on cable teevee! Let's review what's new with our favorite hopey-changey New Jerseyites: Melissa Lives Her Dreams, Challenges Our Ears It's morning or something like it at the Very Sexual Gorgas' Marble Emporium. And hark! What is that sound? It's Melissa Gorga, singing a creative derivative of the soulful hymn, "Amazing Grace," from deep within the somber recesses of her room-sized walk-in closet. "Amazing grace/how sweet the sound/that saved a wench like me…" Yes, thank you Jesus, this wench has been saved from a life filled with secondhand clothing storage units! Melissa's husband, Joey Donut Holes, tells her how amazing her voice is. It's been Melissa's dream her whole life to be a singer, and her father always supported her. Now that he's gone, Joey Donut Holes says, "I want to be her father." Uh-oh. He tells her to go for it, whatever that entails. Melissa is floored by this show of generosity, explaining that Joey Donut Holes likes her pregnant and in the kitchen. "Not many Italian men would do this," she says by way of explanation.Melissa has some kid write up a little ditty for her to warble, and she loves it. It's all about being on display…every day…and feeling all of these…feelings.  Read More...



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