24: Season 2 Episode 4: "11:00 AM to 12:00 PM"

Jack is upset that he was not able to stop the explosion at CTU. Eddie receives a call from Joe, and Jack decides to arrest him to get Joe's location. Jack is forced to kill Eddie and his crew. He calls CTU to see if he can get backup, and goes to Joe's location. Jack gets the drop on Joe, but he manages to lock himself in a secured room. Jack is unable to get into the room, but manages to convince Joe to open up the door and show him a picture of who paid him to destroy CTU. The picture is of Nina Myers, the woman who had betrayed him in season 1 and killed his wife.

Kim and Megan leave CTU after the explosion, and Megan has a seizure, so they go to the hospital. When examined, Megan shows evidence of physical abuse, and the doctor says he has to call the police. Kim calls Carla and Carla accuses Kim of kidnapping Megan and harming Gary. Kim tries to get Carla to come to the hospital, but she is stopped by Gary as she tries to come.

Kate tells her father that she had Reza checked out and that he has links to a terrorist. Bob cannot believe taht Reza is dirty. Reza approaches and Bob encourages them to go to pick up lunch together. While driving, Reza talks to Kate about their relationship and how he hopes they can get along, and he frightens her by taking a detour--however, it is simply to show her the house he has bought for him and Marie.

Mason deals with the news that he is dying. He tells Tony that he may not return to CTU that day, and Tony believes it is just to stay away from the potential blast radius of the suspected bomb. Mason is asked about how to get into the encryption that Paula had been working on for the backup, and he orders that Paula, who had been badly hurt in the explosion, be revived to try to get her help in the decryption.

Lynne and Rayburn continue to fight amongst themselves. David is forced to address the idea of evacuating LA to avoid the bomb threat, but he decides against it. David realizes that Lynne was keeping from him that Rayburn delayed the message about CTU from getting to him. He has Rayburn detained by Armus.


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