12:00 PM to 1:00 PM Season 1

Jack and Rick split up from Teri and Kim as they try to get away from Gaines and his men. Andre Drazen demands that Jack be killed. Gaines and Carroll realize that Jack has given his position to CTU, who will likely be there any minute. Though pursued, Jack manages to outwit Gaines and Carroll, and reinforcements arrive in helicopters, rescuing Teri and Kim. Rick manages to get away.

Meanwhile, David and Mike try to decide how to handle Ferragamo's death. They bring Sherry into the conversation, and she and Mike ask for David not to pursue Carl for the time being until he is elected president. David wants to go forward with telling the D.A., but Carl arrives and threatens that Keith will be implicated in Ferragamo's death if he does. David decides not to talk to the D.A.

Jamey's payments from the assassins is revealed to have gone into her mother's account. When questioned by Nina and Tony, she said she did not know where all of the money came from, but that it was to be used to take care of her son in case something happened to her. Nina and Tony are informed by Alberta that Jack is safe, but that there was another assassin who was in Los Angeles who needed to be located.


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