24: Season 1 Episode 3: "2:00 AM- 3:00 AM"

The evening continues to get more intense of Jack Bauer and his family. In the previous hour, Jack received a key card from Richard Walsh that he believes was created by Nina, proving that she is a double-agent. Jack gives the card to Jamey to check Nina's work station to verify this information. Jack confronts Nina after verifying that in fact her workstation was used to created the key card. However, the key card was created on a weekend that Jack and Nina were away together on a romantic weekend during their affair, clearing her of being the mole.

Meanwhile, Kim and Janet are being held by Dan and Rick, who are waiting on Gaines to get him the girls. Janet's arm is broken and she is given some drug by the boys in order to keep her quiet. They manage to escape from Dan and Rick, and run into a homeless man, who runs them off. However, they are aided by him later on when confronted by another man. While trying to escape the scene, Janet is hit by a car, and Kim is recaptured by Dan and Rick. Janet lies in the street still alive.

David Palmer meets with Carl, who has helped David out with political situations in the past. David catches Carl up with the allegations that Maureen Kingsley has made regarding his son Keith being responsible for the murder of a man who raped his daughter years before. Carl agrees to help David take care of these allegations by discovering the source of them.


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