11:00 AM to 12:00 PM Season 1

Jack has overpowered Kevin Carroll and tied him up. He forces him to take him to the compound where Teri and Kim are being held. Jack convinces Nina to give him satellite images of the compound to help him get into it. Jack arrives at the compound and with Carroll's help is able to get into it.

Teri and Kim hide Eli's body shortly before Jack arrives to rescue them. Rick comes to check on Eli and Jack grabs him, but lets him go after Teri and Kim convince him. Rick is brought into the plan for escape and is asked to go get a van and any weapons he can find. Rick is sidetracked from returning to the Bauers when Carroll's unconscious body is found by guards. When revived, Carroll warns that Jack is on the property. Rick makes off with a van back to the Bauers, who attempt to leave the compound. When stopped, Jack turns the van into a bomb and blows it up as a diversion.

David realizes that Carl is going to harm Farragamo, and reveals that to Mike. David also attempts to warn Farragamo, which concerns Mike that he would be so careless. When David finally speaks to Farragamo, he believes that David is the one who is threatening him. David attempts to drive to Farragamo's office to warn him, but when they arrive, they find his office on fire, so they drive away quickly rather than exposing themselves to any possible scandal.


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