24: Season 1 Episode 22: "9:00 PM - 10:00 PM"

David Palmer celebrates the successes of the day and the victory he has in CA. He and Sherry continue to be at odds with one another and Sherry admits to Patty that she thinks it would be good that they are apart for a few days, as Sherry has a few obligations that do not go along with David's travel plans.

Jack, meanwhile, is being held by Victor Drazen. Victor wants CTU to exchange his son Alexis for Jack's release. Mason cannot convince Chappell to allow for the exchange, which causes Nina to call David for help. David makes a call to Mason, convincing him to go against CTU with the promise that if he does, David will reinstate him once he is president. Mason secures Alexis's release for Jack, but plans a tracking device in Alexis. However, once released, Drazen's men find the tracking device and destroy it. Kim remains in the Drazen's custody.

David is confronted by Sherry about not paying attention to his supporters by taking phone calls. Patty also comes up to David and they arrange a meeting to discuss the situation with Carl. After a flirtation exchange in a hotel room, they return to the party. Patty and Sherry discuss a plot for Patty to keep tabs on David and for her to continue to flirt with him.


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