'The Voice' recap: Great Performances

Four for you, America! When given the chance to save one singer each from Teams Blake and Christina, you didn't let yourselves get distracted by obviously commercial, conventionally attractive artists like Patrick Thomas, Lily Elise, and Raquel Castro. Instead, you took a chance on Beverly McClellan andDia Frampton -- a pair of deserving, creative ladies who wouldn't have had a prayer if they were competing on American Idol. There's hope for our fair nation yet.

Frenchie Davis and Xenia Martinez will also live to croon another day, thanks to the decisions made personally by their respective coaches. Christina choosing to save Frenchie was a no-brainer; both of her bald mentees sang circles around their less-seasoned cohorts last week. Blake saving Xenia, however, came as more of a shock. Though he's styled himself as the shy singer's greatest champion since Day 1, I assumed that if forced, Blake would choose a straight country artist like Patrick over her. But clearly, Xenia's got a ton of viewer support -- among Voice songs, her sleepy rendition of "Price Tag" was somehow second only to Dia's "Heartless" on iTunes last week -- so maybe Blake made a savvy decision after all. I'm certainly not upset about never having to hear Christina Aguilera beg Patrick to take his pants off again. Read More...



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