24: Season 1 Episode 21: "8:00 PM - 9:00 PM"

Jack discovers that the field that he was led to is actually a federal facility where Victor Drazen is being held. He attempts to call Nina, but is intercepted by Mason. Jack requests backup and Mason attempts to get urgent backup sent to the location. Andre Drazen's attack team goes into the facility and takes over, overpowering Jack and the guards there.

Meanwhile, Kim remains in jail and is being taunted by Melanie. Kim handles herself despite being attacked and aggrevated. Another one of the inmates attempts to frame Melanie for smoking pot in the cell, but Kim defends her. As a result, Melanie finally agrees to tell the police the truth about Kim's involvement. Kim is released into CTU's custody, but is quickly located and recaptured by masked men presumably working for the Drazens.

David Palmer is officially named the winner of the CA primary and the other Super Tuesday states as well. David and his campaign manager Patty share a few awkward moments where Patty seemingly is flirting with David, and David does not quite know how to take the compliments. David continues to feel the burden of the day and is upset that he is at odds with Sherry and Keith over how things were handled.


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