THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER "When One Door Opens" Season 4 Episode 1 – Last week season three ended, this week season four began. I’m not even going to start moaning about how crazy the schedule of this show is.

Last season ended with Adrian and Ben losing the baby. This week started off two months after the tragedy occurred. Amy and Ricky are canoodling and having a grand ole’ time and they’re all set to move in together. When they’re not having a grand ole’ time, they’re feeling guilty about having a grand ole’ time thanks to Adrian and Ben’s crisis.

The episode put a lot of energy into the loss of Adrian and Ben’s child and their reactions to it, it a way which frankly surprised me. Ben has tried to get on with his life but Adrian is still lying around in the house. She’s decided to finish high school via a GED. She refuses to leave the house. She orders in. Therapy has not helped her. She refuses to contemplate pills. She cannot get over the death of herdaughter. Ben and Adrian are both walking around like zombies and their state of depression are both different: Ben wants to get on with life, Adrian wants to dwell in her misery. Both were handled admirably for this show. Read More...


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