LUTHER Season 2 Episode 1 Review

LUTHER Season 2 Episode 1 – Luther is not a show for everyone. If you’re more into the chipper side of NCIS then Luther may be too dark for you. Likewise if you’re into the heroism of the Criminal Minds team, then Luther may be a character too dark to care for. If however you like your television dark, your heroes morally ambiguous, then I would suggest you check out Luther on the BBC.

Last year saw the death of Luthor’s wife and his career on the brink. We pick up with Luther’s life still unravelling. Alice has been incarcerated into a psychiatric ward and Ripley is in uniform.

The show opens with Luther playing Russian roulette in his lonely, ugly little apartment. He fails, obviously, and picks up his police badge and heads out the door. You have to appreciate the writers who have absorbed the rules "show don’t tell". Luther is in a dire situation, mentally. Instead of having others look at him as if he were a dog with a toad’s head, Neil Cross (writer and creator) opens up with this little throwaway scene which, without any wordy exposition, gives us all we need to know about the state of Luther’s mind. Read More...


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