PRETTY LITTLE LIARS "It’s Alive" Season 2, Episode 1 – How excited are you that our little liars are back? It seems so long ago since last we left the girls at the church being told that Ian’s body was missing. Luckily, this season picks up right where we left off.

Ian’s body is missing, but so is he. Naturally the entire town, including the girls’ parents, think they are lying. Apparently, no one else thinks it is strange that Ian would go missing at the exact time the girls claimed he died. Even after his car is found abandoned with money in it, the police think he was running away. Who runs away without money? I believe that Ian is dead and that A or another person removed his body. Although we later see the text that Spencer thinks is from him, I am convinced Melissa is behind that. She and Spencer are the only two people that know what Melissa and Ian were going to name their baby. Also, Melissa jumps from anger to loving kindness toward Spencer too quickly. If she is not involved with the A situation, or with the death of Allison, she sure is involved in something. Read More...


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