MASTERCHEF “Top 18 Revealed” Review

MASTERCHEF "Top 18 Revealed" Season 2, Episode 4 – Now that we’re getting to see some side by side competition from the home cooks on MasterChef, the entertainment factor has definitely gone up a few notches.

Initially, too much time was spent cutting back to the events of the previous three episodes ofMasterChef and I was worried that the entire episode would drag. The flashbacks and the voice-over narration gave those first 20 minutes that overly produced feeling that was so tiresome in the auditionepisodes. Thankfully, by the time the home chefs are actually cooking, both the flashbacks and the narrations are less frequent and as a result the rest of episode turned out to be really enjoyable.

The first elimination round tested the contestants’ fundamental knife techniques. Because these home cooks have no formal training, I thought it was great that Chef Ramsay showed them exactly how a professional expected the apples to be cut. This moment actually helped me view MasterChef as a unique cooking competition where basic culinary skills are not a standard among the contestants. The judges were not only looking for "precision, accuracy and focus" but also to see if these contestants could learn important new skills quickly and under pressure. Read More...


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