Castle Season 4 Spoilers: More Info About New Captain

castleLast week we got the first piece of information about the upcoming fourth season of Castle. Since Captain Montgomery sacrificed himself in the season 3 finale ir order to save Detective Beckett, we knew that someone would eventually replace him. We already know that someone is going to be a woman, which has pretty much divided the fandom between those that hated it and those who absolutely loved it.

Personally, I think the fact that the new Captain is a woman just brings a whole new layer to the show and endless possibilities for the relationships between characters. Now we got a few more details on this new character: she views the captain’s chair as a way to climb up the ladder to a more important position within the NYPD.  She also has a reputation for being a bit of a hard-ass to her co-workers, but she also has a fun and flirtatious side. Read More...


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