Teen Wolf: You Belong To Them, Scott...

teen wolfDamn. Scott cannot catch a break can he?

Last night's Teen Wolf gave us our first battle between werewolves, which had my Twitter and Facebook feeds going off the rails with buzz. Personally, I thought the fight between Scott and Derek was just a sampler of what's to come, which has to be epic given the information that was dropped concerning more werewolves descending upon Beacon Hill. This is where Scott finds himself yet with another dilemma to add to his collection of mishaps he's incurred since his trek on the wild side began. Not only was it revealed that Derek is NOT the one who bit Scott, but Scott actually belongs to a "pack" now and the alpha of the group wants our teen wolf to follow rank as well. So Scott basically has sort of passed the hazing to get into this brotherhood, but does killing someone seal the deal? Will Scott get his full fur coat for such a deed? Ay-yi-yi!

So in actuality, 'the dream' Scott thought he was experiencing was a direct psychic link (or call?) from his superior wolf, which makes me wonder if this link can be established in human form? Any suggestions? Any? Read More...



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