Basketball Wives: Thrown Drinks, Blurred Crotches, and More Twitter Drama

cableThere's a difference between being a mediator to a minor squabble between friends and putting two bloodthirsty predators that just don't like each other in the same vicinity. Unfortunately for Basketball Wife Suzie Ketchum, she went into the Meeting from Hell attempting the first and got the second instead.

Yes, we had our first physical altercation of the third season of Basketball Wives and strangely enough, it's kind of Suzie's fault. Of course, the sort of awkward, well meaning (and uber naive) Suzie didn't have any malicious intentions going into things, as she was just extending the same courtesy to Royce that Royce gave her last season, but she was the only person at that meeting without malice. She obviously isn't the root of the tension between Royce, Jennifer, and Evelyn, but the three women were doing their best to stay away from one another and the only reason Royce agreed to meet Jen and Evelyn was to appease Suzie. It seemed like just as Royce sat down, the verbal barbs started flying (Evelyn called her a bum at least 400 times, I think) and before we knew it, security was all over. Read More...


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