Stephen Colbert Decides to Start a Shorts Rebellion in Iran (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert was in full-on mock outraged mode thinking about the latest dress code laws imposed in Iran. And he decided to use 'The Colbert Report' (Weeknights, 11:30PM ET on Comedy Central) to launch a rebellion.
Iranian leaders have recently embarked on a "moral security plan" to protect the country from so-called "un-Islamic" trends and a "western cultural invasion."
Under the new strict dress code men have been banned from wearing necklaces, and there's also a crack-down on short pants, loose headscarves on women and certain hairstyles on men.
Colbert feels that the necklace ban is a step too far: "It is an outrage. People of Iran, rise up! Throw off your chains! And then throw on your [neck] chains!"
And as for the shorts prohibition, well ... "We cannot allow the Iranian people to suffer alone. It is time to take a stand!" And as part of that stand, Colbert ripped off his suit pants to reveal a snazzy pair of pin-striped shorts.


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