Gordon Ramsay Doesn't Like Jimmy Kimmel's Jokes About Victoria Beckham (VIDEO)

Gordon Ramsay may be a big chef now, but in his youth he was known for being quite the soccer player. So it's not that surprising to hear that he and his wife like to go out for dinner with their friends soccer legend David Beckham and his wife Victoria -- a.k.a. Posh and Becks -- from time to time.
Ramsay was telling an anecdote about one such outing on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (Weeknights, 12AM ET on ABC) when he lost his cool after host Kimmel kept interrupting him. It was a lively night for the person with their finger on the ABC censor button as the potty-mouthed chef started cursing.
The problem was that Kimmel simply couldn't get his head around the idea of the famously super-skinny Victoria actually letting food pass her lips. (And we're sure he's not the only one.) When Ramsay -- let's face it -- rather implausibly claimed that Posh "eats like a horse," Kimmel said, "What kind of a horse? A very thin horse. ... One of those carousel horses?"
Ramsay went on to relate how Victoria ordered a salad for dinner in a restaurant and asked for it without dressing. To his amazement, the restaurant said no. Confused by this show of "arrogance" from the chef, Ramsay marched into the kitchen and "did it my f***ing self."



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