Green Lantern - Review

Green Lantern

One of the essential pleasures of a superhero is that he possesses boldly defined powers. Superman is the space-age Hercules, Spider-Man uses his web to catapult himself through the air, and each of the X-Men (and X-Women) comes with a flashy metamorphic gimmick. So what of Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds), the top-gun fighter pilot–turned–intergalactic crime fighter ofGreen Lantern? Well, he can fly, he's pretty damn strong, and in a handful of scenes he turns images from his mind into tactile objects made entirely of green light. When a helicopter is about to crash into a fancy outdoor ball, he saves the day by converting the chopper into a vintage car and rolling it down a green-light runway. (It seems like a lot of effort; Superman would have just swatted the thing away with his fist.) Hal, however, doesn't use this pictogram ability that often, so there remains something a little vague about him. Mostly, he stands around in his shiny, pulsating, emerald-green muscle suit, all dressed up with no place to go. Read More...,,20483463,00.html


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