RUBICON ''You Can Never Win'' Review Episode 13

RUBICON began the series with a take it or leave it kind of attitude, telling its story at its own snail pace and offering tidbits of clues that left viewers in the dark until we were deemed worthy of enlightenment. Still not for the impatient, the latter episodes brought focus to the characterizations and showed it could deliver suspense and tension. The finale You Can Never Win ends Rubicon with a sufficiently ambiguous ending that serves well whether there is or isn't a new season.

Spangler rallies API to find who is responsible for the oil tanker attack. Katherine discovers a message from Tom and David on the Meet Me in St. Louis DVD, confirming Spangler's manipulation of API data for profit. Andy and her apartment turn out to be some sort of protector/safe haven though she fails miserably for Katherine. Will searches Bloom's apartment. Will enlists Miles' help to discover the real truth, not the doctored truth. Grant is promoted to team leader by Spangler. Tanya quits API. Fishers Island group sends Spangler the inauspicious four-leaf clover.

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