17 Again-I'd go again!

To start, I have to admit to being a Zac Efron fan. But, to balance that out, I am usually bitchy and tend to dislike things out of the gate. Both those things being said, I really liked this movie! It was really fun, and seeing a 17-year old trying to seduce a 40(?) something mother of a kid older than him was much less creepy than it sounds, and actually really sweet. Is it a surprising movie? Of course not. But while it gets to where you know it's going, it still manages to make you laugh and even get a little misty (although definitely not real tears). I don't think a guy would love it, but if he had to bring a date, he probably wouldn't hate it.

I am thinking about going to see it again, because it was the most fun movie I've seen in awhile, and it got me laughing pretty hard.


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