Recap One Life To Live: Fri, December 03, 2010

Melissa Archer"One Life to Live" Set ABC StudiosNew York 10/8/10┬ęGeorge De Sota/jpistudios.com310-657-9661Episode # 10815air date 11/19/10

Viki is leaving a message for Charlie when he enters with an old tool box. He explains Echo asked him to clean up some of his tools to give to Shane as a Christmas present. When Viki rolls her eyes, Charlie tells her that Echo is short on cash and babbles about how great this holiday will be now that he knows Rex is his son and Shane is his grandson. Viki is touched to see Charlie's happiness, but hints she will be happier when Echo is out of their hair. Charlie assures her that Echo will be and thanks Viki for being so understanding. 

Nora is leaving a message for Bo when a gloved hand clamps over her mouth. She faints thanks to the chloroform and wakes up tied to a chair in a motel room. Eddie sings rise and shine to her as he fiddles with his gun. Nora asks why she is here. Instead of answering Eddie tapes Nora's mouth shut and leaves.  Read More...


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