Recap One Life To Live: Mon, December 13, 2010

John Wesley Shipp"One Life to Live" Set ABC StudiosNew York 9/30/10┬ęGeorge De Sota/jpistudios.com310-657-9661Episode # 10806air date 11/8/10

Natalie can't believe her eyes as John as he kneels and proposes. Will Natalie marry him? Natalie hesitates. She tells John to hold that thought and runs into the other room to call Rex. What did he tell John? She's afraid if she accepts, it will give Marty more reasons to go after her. Rex tells Natalie to go for it, so Natalie returns to John and bursts into tears. John assumes this means yes as Natalie breathes that she always wanted to be a "McBain." Aw. However, she wonders where this proposal is coming from; it's a little out of left field. John explains he wants to have a family with her and loves her, not just because she's having his baby. That's just icing on the cake. 

Meanwhile Rex knocks on Eddie's motel door. He attempts to pick the lock, but gets caught by a maid. He sweet talks the maid into leaving him alone and manages to burst inside, much to Nora's relief. Rex quickly unties her as Nora babbles that Inez and Eddie planned her kidnapping and they want to ruin her marriage, and oh my god, they may have succeeded. She needs to see Bo ASAP! Rex agrees to take Nora to see Bo, but as they speed towards town, they swerve to avoid a headlong collision with another car...  Read More...


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