Recap One Life To Live: Thu, December 16, 2010

At the Manning house John holds up an evidence bag containing a cufflink that says "TM." Is this Todd's? Tea grabs the evidence; Todd has no obligation to answer that and Tea has never seen that cufflink in her life. John remains skeptical as Blair grills him. Is John accusing Todd of murder? (Duh! Of course he is!) Todd tells John he was with Tea all night as Tea says there are plenty of other people in town who wanted to kill Eddie. TM…Todd Martin! Or Tea Manning! Or Thomas McBain! Basically there are a lot of people with those initials. John sighs; look, he'll leave as soon as he checks Todd's jewelry box. When Tea and Todd stonewall John, John threatens to return with a search warrant. After John leaves Blair confronts Todd. Why is he lying? She knows those cufflinks belong to him because they were a gift from her! 

At the hospital Charlie ignores yet another phone call from Viki, who wants to know why Echo ran out to meet him. He's really worried about Echo. Charlie's drinking wrecked his relationship with Jared; he'll be damned if Echo ruins any chance at a relationship with Rex! So how about it, Echo? Charlie wants to help her stop drinking. Echo hesitates; she doesn't have a problem!  Read More...


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