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Jenny on episode 15

Jenny has graduated from social climber to gold digger


| 17:47 EDT, 03 May, 2008
Jenny is going through a phase where she believes that being mean, cold hearted and simply spoiled regardless of who gets hurt, is her way of fitting in. She quoted in an episode that her father could not just send her to school with such little and expect her to survive. Let's face it, popularity has gone to her head, it has become her new drug; she is so addicted that she doesn't even realize that she is hurting those around her. They are putting her with a new love interest now, if she continues to act like the only important person in her life is her, she would eventually lose him too.
| 16:22 EDT, 03 May, 2008
Where is the girl that knew where she was standing? Ok, I get it, she want's to be popular with her new "friends", but still.. it's not the way to go...
| 12:27 EDT, 30 Apr, 2008
Hm, I have nothing against here. Only... WTF has she done with her hair?
| 17:25 EDT, 29 Apr, 2008
SAME! from the end of episode 14 when she went to dinner with nate she has gone downhill in my opinion
| 13:23 EDT, 29 Apr, 2008
Honestly, It's terrible. I really dislike that girl now....

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