Recap One Life To Live: Fri, December 17, 2010

Natalie arrives at the hospital happy to see that Rex is okay. Rex hugs her, but is still worried about Nora. He explains he found Nora bound and gagged in Eddie's motel room. They were on their way to find Bo when their car swerved off the road to avoid a collision with another car. When Rex woke up, Nora was gone and now Bo is looking for Nora. Thoughtful Natalie realizes that the hair she found in Eddie's motel room probably belongs to Nora. She reveals that the murder weapon is also missing. Rex asks what happened with John and Natalie admits she accepted his marriage proposal. However, it's a big secret as Natalie fears what Marty will do when she finds out about the engagement. 

Bo looks at Rex's wrecked car as he quietly promises to make things right with Nora -- as soon as he finds her. He hears some twigs snapping behind him and turns to see Nora stumbling out of the woods! Relieved he rushes to her as Nora weeps with joy. She tries to explain what happened to her, but Bo assures her that he knows Eddie kidnapped her. But where has she been? Nora explains she woke up after the accident and tried to revive Rex. When she couldn't, she set out on foot to get help, but must've fainted because the next thing she remembers is waking up a little while ago. Bo takes Nora to the hospital where they wonder why Eddie wanted to break them up. Nora thinks Inez is involved somehow. She touches Bo's face; he knows she didn't send those crazy text messages urging him to sleep with Inez, right? Bo coughs; uh, there's something he needs to tell her.  Read More...


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