Review: 'Green Lantern' Struggles To Shine Its Light

This film had ALL the elements to make it work! Ryan Reynolds is one of the best Hollywood has to offer, and makes a pretty cool Hal Jordan. The overpriced space epic mythology of the Green Lantern Corps is sort of there, and even the crappy CGI costumes didn’t look THAT bad after a while, but all and all…I thought this was bad! It’s not horrible bad, but there comes a point where you’re just getting lost amidst all sorts of forced semantics. I think there’s enough stuff in Green Lantern to keep the movie afloat and somewhat enjoyable, but the film flops in the moments that COUNT THE MOST—drama and organic characters. And I can’t help but feel that the problem stems initially within a soft script and a director who just has no IDEA what movies like this need—Casino Royale is a totally different monster! Read More...


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