Game of Thrones Spoiler - What About Drogo?

game of thronesWhen Khal Drogo fell off his horse in the episode "Baelor," things were looking pretty grim, right? His wound, which he gained from being badass and walking into the sickle of an attacker, had grown infected, despite the efforts of the captive maegi. To keep Drogo alive, we witnessed that maegi doing some magical things alone in the tent with Drogo. But when Daenerys started to go into labor, Ser Jorah Mormont saw no choice but to carry Daenerys into the tent as well, against the maegi's explicit instructions. But what happens next? In a storyline that will likely take up a good portion of the season finale, "Fire and Blood," we'll get the resolution. But first things first: will Drogo survive?

No, Drogo will become the fourth main character of the series to die, after Viserys Targaryen (Harry Lloyd), Robert Baratheon (Mark Addy), and Ned Stark (Sean Bean). He'll never leave that tent, though he won't die by the maegi's hand. Sad, right? Of course it is -- but it's a great catalyst for what happens next. Read More...


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