Supernatural: How and Why Fans Are Trying to Save Castiel

supernatural tv newsI've spent a fair bit of time in the last few months writing about online fandom, because it's a topic that holds a lot of interest for me.  I started with some observations after the TV Guide cover polland recently ended with the results of an online fandom survey we did in conjunction with a university student. 

Supernatural won that survey, which didn't surprise a lot of people.  It has a very passionate and devoted online (and off-line) fandom.  So it shouldn't come as a surprise that when some members of the fandom got worried about the fate of one of their favorite characters - Castiel - after the recent season finale, they decided to do something about it.

If you were online after the two-part season 6 finale you might have noticed that someSupernatural fans weren't happy about the fact that their favorite angel had "fallen from grace", as it were, and was no longer going to be a regular character in season 7.  First there were the tweets directed at the show's official Twitter and other actors/writers working on Supernatural.  But after a while, the individual fans started getting more organized - and a bit calmer - and decided to come up with other ways to get their point across.  One of them is the Save Castiel campaign.  Another is the Letters to Castiel movement.  These past few days I spoke to a key rep of the Save Cas campaign, people involved in the Letters to Cas movement, fellow writers and the owners of a few Supernatural fansites to try and get to the bottom of how the fandom feels about recent developments and what they'd like to see for the future of their favorite show. Read More...


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