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Warner Brother's film 'Green Lantern' was definitely pretty to look at- not only because its leading actors, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively - Gossip Girl -, but because I sat with my 3D glasses on and started to "oo" and "ah" at the pretty green lights during the opening credits. You see, the Green Lanterns are a type of "Space Cops" that protect the vast universe using the power and energy they harness from Will. Who is their foe and what energy does he use, you might ask? Fear, of course… because Fear is the opposite of Will? (I have to say, the whole Will thing felt preachy.)

For a film starring Ryan Reynolds, it was not as witty as I expected and hoped for. There were at least 2 parts in the film where I expected something witty to come out of his mouth… and there was only silence. But I guess its a good thing because that means he wasn't playing the same guy we've always seen him play. As for the rest of the dialogue, its unnecessary to say that it was cheesy. Green Lantern being an action film based on a comic-book series means the dialogue is cheesy - so I can't really complain. But Blake Lively mumbles like she's got something in her mouth that she's trying desperately to keep from coming out.

A lot of the characters we meet in this film seemed redundant: Peter Sarsgaard played Hector - and he has never looked creepier - but still his appearance resembled that of another villain: Jarra from Men In Black II (google it). Plus the other non-human characters that we meet (other Green Lanterns) were very human-like in physical appearance - I expected at least one to look surprising or be blob-like - especially after they make such a big stink about Hal Jordan being a human.

The film itself ran only about 105 minutes, which is all you really need to tell this story. Any longer and people would be running for the door. So, I'd like to compare this movie to Hellboy. Because I liked Hellboy, but that doesn't mean it was good.

Green Lantern is rated PG-13 and is playing in Theaters Everywhere.

-Yael Tygiel


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Jun 20, 2011 4:23PM EDT

Nice movie All the Way

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