Friday Night Lights Review: "Gut Check"

Things are falling apart for the residents of Dillon, Texas. In "Gut Check" everyone had some sort of assessment or evaluation to make.

Kicking things off were the Lions and their locker room fight after their first loss in an undefeated season. Even Slammin' Sammy Meade lamented that the team was in disarray and he'd never seen the stands clear out faster. The knife was pushed in further when the assistant coach told Eric that Vince lost his team. It's true, he has and he doesn't care about fixing it.

What will it take to deflate the ego of the great Vince Howard? Well it's alienated his team, pissed off his coach, gotten his girlfriend to dump him, and gotten him benched. All Vince had to do to avoid getting benched was be there for his teammate and teach him plays, but even that was too much for Prince Vince. I love how determined Jess is that she would show up to help Luke instead of Vince, even though she had just broken up with Vince. She wants a victory and she's not letting her big headed boyfriend get in the way. Read More...


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