THE X FACTOR UK ''Live Show 2'' Review

We're back for another round of The X Factor. Will Paije be dressed as a penguin? Will Katie be wearing clothes (y'know, as opposed to the garbage bag from last week)? Will Louis say something unintentionally creepy? Let's find out shall we. (Oh, yes, the performances. We'll watch those too).

Storm: Up first is the failed rockstar. He reveals that he has dreams about Simon Cowell. He appears on a motorcycle singing Born To Run. Two words: Emmy Glee. It is truly awful. Not even amusing awful. He's got about six friends clapping. Dannii likes the look. Cheryl doesn't think this is him. She wants to see who he truly is. We all know how this is solved on The X Factor: sing This Is Me! Sing This Is Me''!

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