'The Killing' season finale: Wait till next year


For nearly all of Sunday's (June 19) season finale of "The Killing," it looked like the twist at the end would be that there was no twist: Evidence kept piling up against Darren Richmond, and he wasn't doing a very convincing job of countering it.That would have been infinitely preferable to the out-of-nowhere twist and non-ending we actually got in the show's final moments. I said in one of the preview posts I wrote earlier in the season that the show played pretty fair with the audience; I'd like to retract that statement now, because even though there is a second season of "The Killing" coming, the finale was such a copout that it's really hard to have faith in the show going forward.The implicit promise of "The Killing" was that by the end of the season, we'd know who Rosie Larsen's murderer is. Instead, all we know now is that Richmond has been framed...



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