FLASHPOINT “Fault Lines” Review

FLASHPOINT "Fault Lines" Season 4 Episode 6* - This week’s season finale is a change from the norm. Instead of dealing with a situation out in the field, Team 1 is subjected to an evaluation which includes testing personal readiness and a psychiatric evaluation. Not trusting himself to be objective, Greg asks for an expert to be brought in.

The expert (played by the awesome Victor Garber) takes the team through their paces, finding their fears, flaws and insecurities. He suggests that Wordy may be ill or too stressed to do his job effectively, that Spike isn’t coping with Lou’s death and his family’s reaction to his job, that Jules and Sam’s affection for each other is a danger to the team, that Ed doesn’t have an outlet for his stresses and that, perhaps most importantly, Greg isn’t a suitable leader for the team. Worryingly, these observations all ring true. Somewhere in the midst of all of this, Ed gets a call telling him that Sophie is in labour, but he’s not allowed to leave until the evaluations are over. Read More...



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