CHILDRENS HOSPITAL “The Black Doctor” Review

CHILDRENS HOSPITAL "The Black Doctor" Season 3, Episode 3 – Dr. Brian (Jordan Peele) makes his way back to Childrens Hospital after some time away as a consultant for Marlon Wayan’s show, "Black Doctor." Thanks to a vintage flashback complete with afros and pageboy haircuts, we’re quickly filled in on the role Dr. Brian once played on the hospital staff. He wastes no time getting right back into the groove of things and of course, by "groove of things," I don’t mean working with patients. Like any good doctor on staff at Childrens Hospital, he immediately works his way into complicated and absurd relationships with the staff at Childrens Hospital.

Dr. Brian’s return to Childrens Hospital coincides with Dr. Blake’s eviction from his apartment. This leads Blake to show up at Valerie’s place with the hope that he would be allowed to stay until alternative arrangements were made. With Blake bunking up, we get to see how awful the discrimination is against the clown race in the Childrens Hospital world. Valerie, Cat, Glenn and Owen are so casual about their hatred. The jokes that come out of this scene end up being cruel enough that I actually felt really bad for the (imaginary) clown race. I have to admit, though, it was difficult to pay attention to much of anything happening in that apartment besides the nude Cat Black (and her evasive side-boob which I’m sure was as much a treat for many Childrens Hospital fans as it was for Valerie.) Read More...


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