TEEN WOLF “Magic Bullet” Review

TEEN WOLF "Magic Bullet" Season 1 Episode 4 - Once we got past the cheesy rubber hands – or is it paws – grabbing at Kate through her car window in the opening scenes, it was a thoroughly entertaining night of TEEN WOLF. "Magic Bullet" does a good job weaving together the wolf story with the teenage antics. There are jokes, family stories (hello, Aunt Kate and Uncle Peter) and glowing bullets.

To begin, I liked the stunt sequence leading to Derek being shot by Kate. It’s simple in delivery, but completely relays who Kate is and what the rest of the episode would be about.

Derek tells Scott to keep a low profile, then shows up at school bleeding all over the place and all over Jackson who is still going on about steroids. Jackson and Lydia are superfluous to tonight’s story. A bite by a wolf turns you into a wolf, so what does a claw poke do to you?

Stiles is perplexed by wolf questions and pestering Scott with them. He reluctantly (and hilariously) has to get over his fear of Derek and his aversion to bodily mutilation. "He smells like death!" The scenes with Stiles and Derek are great; they have a fun dynamic. They’re like a comedy duo (as in straight man and funny man). Read More...



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