LAW AND ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT "Icarus" Season 10 Episode 7 – A week after the Tony Awards (which were, by the way, the best awards show I’ve seen in recent memory, thank you Neil Patrick Harris) comes this timely episode about a perfectionist director of Broadway musical featuring various elaborate stunts and wirework and the star of her show Icarus (with the ugliest poster I’ve seen in recent memory-okay, that’s not true. I saw X-Men: First Class last weekend. Yowza), a sitcom actor who dies in a freak accident in the middle of a preview performance. Goren and Eames are on the case, venturing into a world of alcoholic fuelled eulogies in Times Square and maniacal producer seeking accolades and glory.

It was an interesting episode which, for me, didn’t quite gel. This did not mean it did not work or that someone other than me might enjoy it, but if you know the myth of Dedalus and Icarus (and thanks to Saturday mornings watching Disney’s cartoon of Hercules and some mythology classes in college, I am up to scratch in my Greco-Roman mythology) then a lot of this episode is sort of clumsy exposition, the kind you’d find in the opening hundred pages of a bad fantasy novel. Read More...


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