GAME OF THRONES “Fire And Blood” Review

GAME OF THRONES "Fire and Blood" Season 1 Episode 10 – And so ends one of the most ambitions first seasons of a television show, ever. The finale ramped up the stakes for each of the characters we’ve grown to love (and love to hate) while still setting up for season two without appearing to be fixated on setting up the second season. That is, shit went down in this episode, but we’ll have to wait until 2012 to see the consequences.

This episode dealt with the aftermath to the death of Ned Stark. Reading the books of course the fallout to Ned Stark’s beheading is huge. The television show, however, succeeds in likening it to the assassination of Ferdinand, the great catalyst to all-out war.

The unasked question is intriguing: how much can one man do?

He can protect his daughters. With Ned gone, Sansa has been left to the sadistic temper of the truly hateful Joffrey. The last scene was a brilliant showcase for both Jack Gleeson (who has impressed all season long) and Sophie Turner, whose Sansa Stark has finally shed the innocence and naivety and become a hard, brittle young woman whose life is now surrounded by grief and despair. Her brief thoughts of murder added a shade of strength to her character: she is not just a victim and Sophie Turner really impressed, showing the depths of her character, revealing a calculating mind with hardly any dialogue. Read More...


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