THE KILLING “Orpheus Descending” Review

THE KILLING "Orpheus Descending" Season 1 Episode 13 - I won’t bother to summarise the events of the episode, suffice to say that Linden and Holder gathered the necessary evidence to chargeRichmond with Rosie’s murder. There was a bit of overwrought ‘he hunted her, she suffered’ somewhere in the middle there, but it was a fairly average, decent episode.

I honestly never thought Richmond could be the murderer and I’m still not sure. The planted photographic evidence could be proof he’s innocent – or it could be a way to ensure a guilty man’s conviction. It could even be a way to get him off scot-free; after all, if that evidence has been planted can the rest be trusted? And more importantly, will it matter either way?

The ending of the episode was brilliantly done, although I’m now conflicted – I honestly cannot decide whether I liked the episode or not. On the one hand, the ending was a perfect setup for season 2, wherein the hunt to find Rosie’s killer would continue, we would learn whether or not Holder is a ‘bad guy’ and we would see whether the Larsen family manage to pull themselves back together. On theother hand, we still don’t know who killed Rosie, a character we have grown to trust may be a ‘bad guy’ and by the time season 2 airs there’s a good chance a lot of viewers just won’t give a damn about the Larsen case anymore. Read More...


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