IN PLAIN SIGHT “I’m a Liver Not a Fighter” Review

IN PLAIN SIGHT "I’m a Liver Not a Fighter" Season 4 Episode 7 – I’m sure it was no coincidence that tonight’s episode aired on Father’s Day, seeing as how fathers, mother’s and parenting in general were major themes throughout it.

Their case has Mary and Marshall protecting a man who is a father and a grandfather, dying of a disease that only his son can help him with – the man a dad of his own and unsure if he wants to risk his life and leave his own son without one of his dads.

Meanwhile on the mommy front, Mary wants to do anything but admit that she’s actually pregnant, despite every sign pointing to that fact. As she struggles with acknowledging that this was really happening and not just some dream she could wake up from, I had to wonder what is scaring her more. Is it the idea of just having a baby and all the responsibility that goes with it, plus possibly having to give up the job that she loves? Or is she simply frightened that she may mess things up for a child like her own father did? Read More...


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