'Falling Skies' series premiere recap: Retreat. Regroup. Return. Revenge.

The most important thing to know about Falling Skies -- TNT's new post-apocalyptic alien-invasion survivalist romp -- is that the series premiere got its worst scene out of the way early. Skies kicked off last night with a montage of crayon drawings presenting the viewer with the end of the world. A chorus of adorable-sounding children narrated us through the arrival of a strange alien race, the annihilation of some 90% of the global population, and the current state of the human resistance. It could've been poetic, but it played like a PowerPoint presentation assembled by overeager preschoolers. It was a bit of unnecessary exposition, completely out-of-place in an otherwise fleetfooted premiere.

Here's the second most important thing to note about Falling Skies: It doesn't want to be the next Lost. Or, if it does, it's at least not falling into the same traps as wannabe cult-sensations like The EventV, or FlashForward. Those shows kicked off with impossibly high stakes and densely interwoven mythologies that grew steadily more impenetrable with every passing episode. The characters on Falling Skies aren't trying to solve any grand mysteries, at least not yet. They're just trying to survive. Read More...



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