MERLIN ''The Changeling'' Review Season 3, Episode 6

MERLIN Changeling Season 3 Episode 6- A blue fairy puts curse on a baby, which is never a nice thing to do, especially when that baby turns into the princess Elena. The curse makes her about as dainty as a goat on ice. Oh, and now changeling lives inside her, giving her terrible nightmares.

Unfortunately for Arthur, the princess Elena is now matched to him. Matched as in they are to be married. When Arthur protests that he has no feelings for Elena, Uther encourages him to find some. Why did Merlin prevent Morgana killing him again?

Elena's maid is a sorceress-a very warty sorceress-who is working to infiltrate Camelot using Elena. She takes a liking to Gaius, and I'm glad to see that Merlin shares my disgust at this coupling.

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