THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING "Redemption" Season 1 Episode 2 – While I liked the secondepisode of THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING better than the pilot, I still did not find the show in its entirety to be enjoyable.

The story this week deals with Chloe’s guilt over killing Xavier with their kiss. She decides to go to hisfuneral (which I found very sweet), and while she’s there discovers a "connection" with Xavier’s brother. She can "feel his pain" (I still don’t understand that), and after witnessing a fight between the family decides to make it her mission to be sure Gabriel knows it wasn’t his fault his brother died.

Turns out Gabriel is involved with some shady characters. He’s a recovering drug addict, and working at a hospital, has an almost limitless supply of pain killers to hand over to his unsavory friends. In his defense, Gabriel is ready to walk out, but bad guys being bad guys, they try to kill him. Enter Chloe who tries to save him, but guns trump nine lives (sort of), and eventually Alek has to step into help. Read More...


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Jun 22, 2011 6:42PM EDT

I agree. I can't imagine caring about these characters no matter how many episodes I watch. Disappointing. I was looking forward to a new show about someone with superpowers, but can't read anything in the faces of any of the "actors", they just seem to be going through paces, and the main character seems pointless. I hate that they seem to have put in someone as a main lead who is supposed to carry so much of the show, but she just looks attractive and seems to have no acting talent. Isn't it a key thing to get an actor who can act to some extent anymore? Also hate that it's this weird comedic style but isn't funny at all. Unbelievably pathetic character of Chloe, and this is the special person who gets the superpowers, that's just sooo annoying. When it comes to shows about people finding they have superpowers most things are good, but this is so pointless it's a write-off for me.

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