LUTHER (UK) “Episode 2? Review

LUTHER (UK) Season 2 Episode 2 – As we saw at the end of last week’s episode, Rippley was confronted by the SAW look-a-like Mr Punch in his car. By the time Luther got to the scene, Rippley was gone, a struggle was evident: he’d been captured. In true form to Luther fashion, Rippley’s new set up was rather grim: noose around his neck, keeping him on his tip toes, Mr Punch is torturing the crap out of him, burning him with hot irons and beating and cutting him.

It’s pretty gruesome stuff, and it makes Luther’s clear headedness in such a situation-he knows not to form a relationship with Mr Punch, to keep him waiting-all the more amazing. Everyone was great in that scene where Mr Punch rings the police station-we’ve seen in a thousand times before in movies and television shows, but the greatness of that scene is that I completely forgot about all of those thousands of movies and television episodes. Idris Elba was brilliant, juggling the great emotional turmoil Luther found himself in versus trying to maintain a clear head and focus on the ultimate goal: capture Mr Punch. Read More...


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