WHITE COLLAR “Deadline” Review

WHITE COLLAR "Deadline" Season 3 Episode 3 – In this episode poor Diana is put on what I can only assume is her toughest undercover assignment ever. She has to work as an assistant for a woman who is (there’s just no nicer way to put this) a bitch. The lady is working for a good cause though and when her life is threatened, the FBI has to try and keep her safe.

Meanwhile, Neal and Peter are still playing their little game of cat and mouse and I’m finding it so hard to figure out who to root for. As much as I love watching Neal pull off a good con, I know that if he and Mozzie succeed with this one, they are gonna be outta there so fast. Since I don’t want Neal to leave, I find myself hoping that all of their devious little plans will be foiled. Read More...



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