PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “The Goodbye Look” Review

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS "The Goodbye Look" Season 2 Episode 2 – This week’s PRETTY LITTLE LIARS was slow moving at first, but all was forgiven toward the end. The question that seems to be the driving force this season remains "Is Ian dead?" This week we got more clues that are supposed to lead us to believe he is alive, texting Melissa, meeting Melissa, camping nearby or possibly living with Jason. Naturally, I refuse to be led down that path.

First, let’s start with our relatively new character, Jason. He is the soulful, mourning brother of Ally who is no longer mourning. In fact, he moves into the house and immediately gets rid of the memorial items. Apparently, according to the flashback, there is no real love lost between the siblings. In typical Allison fashion, she tortured her brother as much as she tortured others. My question is, what is in the ground by where the dog was sniffing around? Is Jason digging something up? Burying something? Didn’t A or the hooded person at the end seem awfully familiar with the dog? The dog recognized the whistle right away. Read More...


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